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MyKasih & Myhero

Currently available in 2 branches:

  • Taman Dagang, Ampang
  • Bandar Sri Permaisuri, Cheras

About MyKasih Foundation

Malaysia has developed tremendously since achieving independence. Although most Malaysians lead comfortable lives, pockets of poverty and hardship in both urban and rural areas still exist.

Launched in December 2008, MyKasih is a food aid and education scheme for the poor and needy. Our sponsors and donors are companies who wish to make a difference to the lives of the under-privileged who live in the communities where the companies operate.

MyKasih not only aims to feed the poor but also strives to rehabilitate them through skills training and education, especially for their children, to break the poverty cycle and give them hope for a better future.

With the help of the public and also private sectors, MyKasih aims to enable poor families of all racial groups to break out of the poverty cycle. Like other traditional welfare programmes, MyKasih provides food aid and education support to people who are struggling financially.

However, there is a major distinction in how we distribute this aid.

MyKasih operates with a technological difference. We use a cashless payment system developed by ePetrol. This system makes use of something very important we Malaysians keep in our wallets - the MyKad.

The recipients in our programme are able to shop and pay for exactly what they need using their MyKads as a payment tool at designated retailers. No cash changes hands at any point. This leads to greater efficiency and security in each stage.

The logistic, manpower and storage problems associated with traditional aid distribution do not arise, as MyKasih does not have to physically handle any supplies.

How the MyKasih Programme works

Government/established welfare agencies identify and select needy families and give their details to the MyKasih Foundation. Agencies use qualitative and quantitative factors to assess the eligibility of the recipients, i.e.: the number of members in the family, household income, ownership of assets, etc.

Each family will elect a recipient. A monthly allowance is deposited into the recipient MyKad account.

Recipients shop at participating retailers for essential goods such as rice, bread and flour etc.

Recipients use their MyKad to make payments.

ePetrol administers the payments and reconciliations between retailers and the MyKasih Foundation.


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